Protect your move with our comprehensive insurance coverage, ensuring peace of mind every step of the way.

Insurance is very important when it comes to any aspect of your life whether it be personal, business, motor vehicle, or pet insurance!


For your peace of mind you are able to purchase a third party insurance policy through CARTS for your furniture and contents in transit with their affordable policies.


If you wish to get a quote and take out an external ‘Removals Insurance’, which covers our whole service, you can do so online by visiting.




Any furniture or items found to be damaged during the course of the move must be identified and disclosed to the removalists before completion of the job. It is the client’s responsibility to insure these items are unwrapped and condition checked prior to sign off.


As we are not the insurer we must follow the protocol strictly set out in the policy below are some factors to think about, however you need to make the time to find out everything beforehand.


Insured contents/furniture that are damaged must immediately be reported to Ashfield removals for record keeping for when the Insurance company contacts us to confirm any issues on the job. We will not be involved or hold any liability for any damages caused as we do not offer insurance ourselves.


Your claim with the insurance company may be null and void if items are not disclosed prior to sign off, or not packed/wrapped safely as recommended or have not been proven in working order prior to relocation.

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