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Our house removals service offers a seamless and stress-free experience, from disassembly to reassembly, ensuring your belongings are safely transported to your new home.

Effortless House Removals in Sydney

Ashfield Removals prides itself on being the only company of house removal experts in Sydney that can handle your requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But we don’t sit back and feel we’ve done enough simply by being available and are constantly improving and learning. The role and skills of home removalists are honed and improved by the arrival of new technologies and techniques. Every extra day of experience on the job teaches an attentive house removalist something new and applicable, and the Ashfield Removals team is nothing if not attentive. 

Your Stress-Free Solution for House Removals in Sydney

As professional, highly experienced home removalists in Sydney, we aim to share the most beneficial moving tips and tricks we have picked up over the years and offer expert assistance in all aspects of your relocation. Our services are not limited to house removals, and we will gladly discuss commercial and other relocations with you, including office moves


Please take a few moments to browse our services and learn how partnering with top-tier house removalists in Sydney can streamline your house removal and take the stress of the burden off your shoulders.

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Tailored Home Removalist Services

With commercial moves, speed and efficiency are vital concepts to uphold if the business is to avoid extended periods of reduced productivity during the move. Regarding house removals in Sydney, although speed and efficiency are still to be expected, there is an even greater emphasis on protecting the precious contents of the home during transit. For this reason, Ashfield Removals offers pre-move services, cleaning, home moving tips, and packing materials as required. 

Customised Solutions for Seamless House Removalists Services

Due to the way Ashfield Removals plans and executes any house removal, the likelihood of mistakes, mishaps, or miscalculations is reduced to almost nil.

We spend time with our clients and run through every factor of the move before a box is lifted, ensuring all parties are on the same page and understand the exact nature of the move.

Our experienced Sydney home removalists will analyse and discuss the move in fine detail, paying particular attention to items that require special attention and care.

As all premium home move removalists should, our team will base every action on the client’s requirements, providing rapid, convenient, and safe home removalists’ services every time.

Why Choose Our Sydney House Removalists for Your Move

There are many good reasons to avail yourself of the services of Ashfield Removals, not least of which is our commitment to maximum transparency, attention to detail, and professional integrity. We will always focus on providing the best service possible for our clients, even to the extent of taking your call and performing our role as house removalists at any time of day or night. 


Ashfield Removals will put maximum focus on moving your belongings quickly, safely, and efficiently to where you need them to be, and we have 35 years of experience and all the requisite resources, employees, and equipment to do so to execute with minimum fuss and disruption to your busy lifestyle. 



Professional Home Removalists at Your Service

We do not take our role as unrivalled house removalists in Sydney lightly, and you will be impressed by our professionalism, efficiency, and refusal to move even the smallest item until we are satisfied that all precautions have been taken and any potential problems accounted for. We have all the expertise, talent, and tenacity to handle any job, and we always provide reliable home removalists services, no matter how large or small the task in hand.  As a premium house removalist company, we never compromise on our values or commitment to delivering flawless results.

If you would like to discuss your impending move with the experts at Ashfield Removals and get our honest, open advice and guidance or an obligation-free quote, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Take a minute to fill in our online free quote form if you prefer to be reached by one of our dedicated representatives, or alternatively:

Ashfield Removals are at Your Service!

Ashfield Removals concentrates on moving you fast and efficiently, getting you to where you want to go. Take a minute to fill in our online Free Quote Form or phone us on 9825 1984 and for your next relocation.

Ashfield Removals is available for all your moving needs. For any specific concern or requirements Ashfield Removals are always ready to support you. Ashfield has 35 years of experience and the right resources to execute a professional move without a hitch.

We are fast, organized and efficient

We get things moved on time, always on schedule

We handle all delicate goods with extreme care

We care about your move as much as you do

If you are preparing to move Locally or maybe moving to another State, we are the right House Movers for you. By calling us, we can offer an affordable solution for all your moving needs. Ashfield Removals has experience in packing and moving expensive leather furniture, precious sets of porcelain and glass, or a piece of furniture that has been in your home for many generations


Phone Us Today on 02 9825 1984 Ashfield Removals have expert estimators standing by to help you make the best move. For a great price & the best advice call or email today


Specific actions and attitudes separate Ashfield Removals from the competition, and we work tirelessly to elevate ourselves above the norm and offer peerless home removalist services. Some elements we are particularly proud of include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Transparent, fair pricing 
  • 24/7 service
  • Handling/transporting delicate, sensitive equipment
  • Handling special/unusual items
  • Interstate removals
  • Event loading/unloading


Ashfield Removals has not gained a solid reputation for competent, safe house removals in Sydney by breaking our clients’ precious possessions and failing to prepare adequately before moving items. We have accrued a superb staff of highly motivated, experienced, and conscientious individuals whose mission is to safely transport all the items they are entrusted with from one location to another. They do this by: 

  • Planning carefully
  • Ensuring everything is packed and labelled correctly
  • Anticipating issues before they have a chance to arise 
  • Communicating effectively before, during, and after the move
  • Paying maximum attention to the small details and potential pitfalls

When you choose Ashfield Removals as your house removal expert, you partner with the most careful, methodical home removalists in Sydney and beyond.

It is no exaggeration to say that your specialised items and delicate belongings could not be in safer, more conscientious hands than those of the professional home move removalists at Ashfield Removals. We will go above and beyond to ensure the secure, timely arrival of your fragile possessions and do everything possible to mitigate the risks of damage. We provide affordable solutions for all your moving needs and can move expensive furniture, musical instruments, precious porcelain and glass, paintings, artefacts, and anything else you can name.

If you plan to take advantage of our pre-move packing services, the first thing to do is get in touch and let us offer some initial assistance and guidance before getting started. If you prefer to do the packing yourself, the following tips and suggestions will make the process safer and more streamlined:

  • Prepare ample packing materials, including tape, padding, boxes, marker pens, and scissors/box cutter.
  • Move from room to room and list every large item that cannot be packed
  • Protect the corners and sensitive surfaces of those items however possible. Consider purchasing packing blankets for this or a combination of tape and padded material.
  • Construct your boxes.
  • Begin grouping smaller items in each room.
  • Wrap and pack items snugly in the boxes, listing each on a separate sheet as it enters the container. 
  • Take photographs of the process as required. 
  • Fill voids with polystyrene pebbles or cloths.  
  • Write a brief description of the contents on the box and number it. 
  • Add any pertinent information to the box, especially if the contents are exceptionally fragile, heavy, or liable to shift during transit. 
  • Photograph the list and tape the list to the box. 
  • Ensure all pathways are clear and any hazards are noted. 
  • Point these out to your Sydney Home Removalists on their arrival. 

16+ Years of Experience

With over 16 years of experience in the industry, we bring unparalleled expertise to every move we undertake.

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Our 24/7 availability ensures that we're here for you whenever you need us, providing peace of mind around the clock.

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Rest easy knowing that our team consists of verified professionals who are fully accredited and trained to handle your belongings with care and precision.

Let us help you fix everything from attics to basements and everything in between.

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