Interstate Removalists

Our interstate removalists ensure a seamless move across state lines, expertly managing every aspect for a stress-free experience.

Interstate Removals is not something we take lightly; hence we don’t offer backloads and use other companies to handle your personal belongings. 


We can move you across the country with no problem, and although we may be slightly higher in price than most of our competitors (in interstate removals only), this is due to our customer satisfaction policy. It’s our policy to move the client from A-B with the same leading hand overseeing the loading and unloading at both ends.



This policy was built on ethics, and under no circumstances will Ashfield Removals subcontract the work to another company. That is not what we are all about; you can relax knowing that we care about our clients.


Interstate Removalists: Your Gateway to Easy and Efficient Moving

As the only interstate removalists in Sydney available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Ashfield Removals is already pushing the boundaries of customer service and convenience right out of the gate. But we never rest on our laurels and strive to achieve and maintain exceptional service standards. Whether helping clients relocate an office one block down the street or operating as a long-distance removalist interstate, we adhere to the same strict principles of quality and integrity in everything we do. Our passion and drive for excellence shine through, and we have a superb reputation in the community, something not easy to achieve that we would never put at risk with underhand practices.

Why Choose Us for Your Interstate Removalist Needs

As your preferred interstate removalists in Sydney, Ashfield Removals will leave no stone unturned and no detail without consideration in the quest to transfer your belongings interstate.

We offer assistance at every step, from providing materials and packing boxes at one end to unpacking them at the other and everything in between.

We even offer cleaning and trash removal services if you don't have the capacity to handle those things yourself, providing a comprehensive start-to-finish service.

We are immensely proud of this fact and never jeopardise it with unfair, confusing pricing, negligent, shoddy work, or any other negative aspects you might encounter with lesser interstate removalist companies.

Expert Interstate Furniture Removalists: Quality and Reliability Guaranteed

When you need the services of a premium-level removalist, interstate or otherwise, the best thing you can do is to contact Ashfield Removals and let us assess your requirements.


We do everything possible to keep our clients’ involvement to a minimum if they wish and aim to reduce their stress levels as much as we can. 


Knowing you are in the capable hands of experienced, methodical furniture removalists, interstate relocations become much more manageable and less daunting. 

We’ll even share some of our expert home moving tips and offer guidance and assistance to make the transition seamless.
We see every new day at Ashfield Removals as a chance to learn more about our trade and stay at the cutting edge of new technologies or techniques that appear.
When you choose to engage the services of a company so dedicated to constant improvement and learning, you know you are dealing with passionate, skilled professionals who will not let you down.
Add to that the flexibility provided by our 24/7 services and our fair, transparent pricing, and we hope you'll agree that you have found the right match.

Comprehensive Interstate Furniture Removalist Services

For many removalists, interstate relocations are something they will undertake if necessary but prefer to avoid if possible. The associated logistical issues, extra costs, and potential problems are magnified many times by the distances and the necessity to be highly coordinated and organised. Some companies cannot handle this next level of the industry and prefer local moves. Ashfield Removals is not cut from the same cloth as the others, and we are more than happy to operate as top-tier furniture removalists interstate


Our Promise

Our commitment to providing the best service remains unchanged, even if the distances are greater. We adjust our working practices and logistical requirements according to the requirements of the task at hand and provide the same smooth, stress-free relocation we always do. When you need the services of professional, experienced interstate removalists in Sydney, look no further than Ashfield Removals. 

How We Make Interstate Moving Hassle-Free

As Office Removal Specialists, there is no job that is too complex for our team to handle, and we never cut corners or compromise on the quality of the job no matter how big or small it is.


With this knowledge, you can have 100% peace of mind engaging our office relocation service no matter what kind of business you have. Whether you need a lot of computers and delicate electronics moved and installed, or just want to transport a few desks/chairs safely – we can do it all without the hassle and delay.

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Tailored Interstate Relocation Services: From Packing to Unpacking


As a comprehensive interstate removalist in Sydney, we proudly offer fully tailor-made services for our clients that take in their wishes, logistical requirements, and any other aspects of the upcoming move that must be addressed. Speak with our courteous representatives today, and you will begin to see how Ashfield goes above and beyond what you expect when engaging the services of interstate removalists


Some additional moving services we offer include:

Packing materials

Packing materials

Packing/unpacking assistance

Packing/unpacking assistance

Commercial relocations

Commercial relocations

Event loading/unloading

Event loading/unloading

Handling/transporting sensitive equipment/unusual items

Handling/transporting sensitive equipment/unusual items

Government/education events, staff relocations, and exam setups

Government/education events, staff relocations, and exam setups

If you’re looking for a highly experienced, motivated interstate removalist in Sydney, look no further than Ashfield Removals. With the dedication, attention to detail, and expertise to do the job efficiently and rapidly with minimum fuss, you could not find yourself in better hands. 

Let Us Effectively Move You!

For the best price and excellent advice, call us today — one of our friendly staff is on standby waiting for your call.


Alternatively, to contact us in writing, please email [email protected]. We can provide you with a fast, obligation-free quote, offer helpful moving tips and tricks, and generally put your mind at ease regarding any interstate furniture removalist concerns. 


When you partner with Ashfield Removals, you can rest easy knowing you are in the hands of the business’s most conscientious, professional interstate relocation experts. 


When many companies provide interstate relocation services, they try to cut costs however they can. This sometimes involves a process known as ‘backloading’, whereby so-called interstate furniture removalists load the client’s belongings onto an empty truck that is about to return to its original location and coincides with the client’s destination. This is cheaper, as the truck is headed in that direction anyway, but as far as Ashfield Removals is concerned, it is not a professional, reliable way to operate. We insist that the same ‘leading hand’ oversees the loading and unloading our clients’ belongings, no matter the distance. Relying on unknown, untested drivers to behave professionally and take care when driving is not something we are prepared to risk, so we do not consider it an option. 

At Ashfield Removals, we are so experienced and focused on every detail that incidents of damage or loss are almost unheard of, even in long-distance interstate relocation services.  Nothing is more important to us than our clients’ satisfaction and the arrival of all their belongings in pristine condition. However, no preparation or risk mitigation can take random accidents and occurrences out of the equation. If you would feel more comfortable with additional 3rd-party insurance, we recommend speaking with the providers on the tab at the top of the page.

While it is impossible to give an answer that applies universally, we are highly efficient and capable, working as a well-oiled unit. When interstate relocation jobs are requested, there are many more logistical issues to be addressed, which takes time. Being available 24/7 means we can answer your queries rapidly at any time and give you a quote for our services and a timeline within minutes.  

16+ Years of Experience

With over 16 years of experience in the industry, we bring unparalleled expertise to every move we undertake.

24/7 Services

Our 24/7 availability ensures that we're here for you whenever you need us, providing peace of mind around the clock.

Verified Professionals

Rest easy knowing that our team consists of verified professionals who are fully accredited and trained to handle your belongings with care and precision.

Let us help you fix everything from attics to basements and everything in between.

Need to relocate office, warehouse, machinery or any odd jobs? Call us directly on 02 9825 1984 for a personal conversation with our dedicated staff available 24/7 to provide you with an instant quote! No forms, no waiting, no stress... Or feel free to email us at [email protected] with your details and we will call you!

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