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Our office removalists handle every detail of your relocation efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition to your new workspace.

Ashfield Removals are at Your Service!

At Ashfield Removals we promote effectiveness meaning your office move will be carried out in way that no other company will move you, Our Trained office movers will start the process when you make the enquiry and book in.

Comprehensive Office Relocation Services in Sydney

It can be hard to envisage how complex and demanding commercial office relocations can be. The enormous scale of the process and even the physical size of the building itself can have severe repercussions and levels of complexity that some people find overwhelming. The most sensible solution is to draft in the experts, and none are finer than the office removalist team at Ashfield Removals. 

Your Guide to a Hassle-Free Office Move

We aim to make your corporate office relocation as smooth and seamless as possible, and we do this in several ways, namely:

Close working relationships with our valued clients
Flawless planning and preparation
Excellent communication
Attention to even the most minor details
Intimate knowledge of office relocation challenges

Pre-Move Planning and Site Assessment

During a Site assessment we will gather information such as access in and out of the office, the quantity of items, security and other IT issues, we even on special occasions conduct Risk Assessments, usually when the items are classified or highly valuable.


We understand that your files and books must go back exactly how they were, and in most cases we will take photographic inventory. We effectively sort all your files and folders back in the order they were.


The whole process takes usually takes 48 hours to come up with a managment plan.


Once you are satisfied, we then book a Date and Time for the move. offices means business and in some cases you may need to re-arange a date or time for unforeseen circumstances, we are ready and truly flexible with our office moves due to these reasons.

Plan your move

With the Experts

Understanding the Importance of Detailed Planning

As the only office furniture removalist in Sydney standing by to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Ashfield Removals is an industry leader with an unrivalled reputation for the highest standards.

Experience has taught us that planning and preparation are the keys to successful office relocation services. Without it, no Sydney office removalists can hope to achieve a smooth transition from one location to the other, and it is the factor around which the entire project pivots. From deciding how to handle heavy, fragile, or otherwise troublesome objects to choosing optimum routes out of the building, careful, detailed planning is everything.

The Moving Day: What to Expect

When moving day comes, you can expect ultimate professionalism, clear and concise communication, and fast, efficient office relocation.


Our representatives will have been communicating with you directly as frequently as necessary beforehand. If everything is packed, labelled, and ready to go, you and your employees can stand back and watch the experts in action.


We approach each office relocation in Sydney as its own entity and don’t like to make assumptions or statements that apply in all cases. However, you will be impressed with the calm, pragmatic attitude of our office furniture removalists, and the process will go as smoothly as possible.

Service support

If issues and snags occur, our experienced team are quick to react and make excellent strategic decisions on the fly. You are in the safest hands in the business when you turn to Ashfield Removals for your commercial office relocation.


A Smooth Transition to Your New Office: Your Office Relocation in Sydney

If you require top-tier office removalists in Sydney, the best course of action is to contact Ashfield Removals and let us take the burden off your shoulders. We will systematically and meticulously assess your requirements and do everything possible to minimise disruption. 

Post-Move Support and Services

While the physical part of the move might be over and done with, you may require post-move support and services, and we’re here to help.  


Each new commercial office relocation at Ashfield Removals teaches us something about our trade and drives us to stay on top of our game regarding new technologies and moving techniques that come along.


Our commitment to the best possible service is unwavering, so when the time comes to speak to the people with the most practical office relocation solutions, look no further than Ashfield Removals.

 Our dedication to learning and constant improvement sets us apart from other Sydney office removalists, as do the following features of our business model and ethos: 

24/7 services
Fair, transparent pricing with no hidden fees
Open, honest communication
Attention to detail
Expert office removalist team

Some of our additional office relocation services in Sydney include:

When moving day comes, you can expect ultimate professionalism, clear and concise communication, and fast, efficient office relocation.

Exam setups, educational events, and other governmental events

Packing materials and assistance

House, office, and commercial relocations

Loading and unloading functions, shows, and events of all kinds

Handling and transporting unique, unusual, and sensitive items

We take great care!

For more info and to speak with a friendly staff member, cal02 9825 1984 or simply reach out to us via the website today.


Speak with us first for the best advice & a great price.


Alternatively, if you prefer to contact us in writing, please email [email protected]. We can help with everything from useful moving tips and tricks to a fast, obligation-free quote and everything in between. 


 When you choose to partner with us, you will find an efficient team of experts who will always go the extra distance to do the job correctly and behave with courtesy and professional integrity at all times. 


When you partner with Ashfield Removals, you can request that your office removalist service be as comprehensive as you like. This even extends to the following:

  • Packing materials (boxes, tape, padding materials etc…)
  • Packing assistance: Our experienced crew can take the burden of packing off your hands entirely if you wish, offering as much assistance as is required. 

If you prefer to do the majority of the preparatory work yourself, here are some tips and suggestions from our professional office removalists to make the process simpler and more effective:

  • Start collecting packing materials beforehand: Nothing is more frustrating or time-consuming than running out of packing materials once the process is underway. 
  • Pack boxes as they will be arranged at the other end: If you want to transfer everything from one room into one at the new location, keep those boxes together and do not mix items from different areas. If you will be shuffling items around, try to do as much as possible before the move and keep the new boxes together.
  • Label everything: A comprehensive list of what’s in each box can be taped to the lid, along with basic details and instructions written on the outside in marker pen. 
  • Identify problem items and areas: Any office removalists worth their salt will go through this process with you beforehand, but if not, physically walk the route that the boxes and furniture will take and note any potential hazards or challenging areas to navigate. Take notes, and be sure to add any heavy, awkwardly shaped or fragile items to be aware of. 

If your moving date is affected by factors outside your control and has to change, please inform the Ashfield Removals team immediately. While we cannot promise that your new date will be available on our busy calendar, we have an extensive crew of professionals to call on at any time. We will do our utmost to provide our peerless office relocation solutions on your new date and work closely with you until the details are ironed out.

We handle sensitive documents and IT equipment as we do all our clients’ belongings – very carefully. We take special care never to leave documents unattended and make it one employee’s responsibility to ensure their safety and security at all times. As for IT equipment, we have decades of collective experience in moving equipment of all kinds and a fantastic record of safe, successful office relocations. All of this is contingent on us being informed about the sensitivity of specific items beforehand, and this is why careful, communicative planning and preparation are crucial in successful office relocations.

We do not foresee any issues with your corporate office relocation, and the chances are there will be no snags or issues. However, there is never any way to entirely remove the possibility of accidents, especially on the roads where other people’s actions are often unpredictable and erratic. Insurance can be taken out on your office items, and we highly recommend you seek advice from expert insurance companies; we can assist you with their contact details.

16+ Years of Experience

With over 16 years of experience in the industry, we bring unparalleled expertise to every move we undertake.

24/7 Services

Our 24/7 availability ensures that we're here for you whenever you need us, providing peace of mind around the clock.

Verified Professionals

Rest easy knowing that our team consists of verified professionals who are fully accredited and trained to handle your belongings with care and precision.

Let us help you fix everything from attics to basements and everything in between.


Need to relocate office, warehouse, machinery or any odd jobs? Call us directly on 02 9825 1984 for a personal conversation with our dedicated staff available 24/7 to provide you with an instant quote! No forms, no waiting, no stress... Or feel free to email us at [email protected] with your details and we will call you!

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