Moving your home or office is almost never straightforward and as premium removalists, we know a thing or two about making a move easier. We understand that there are a number of balls in the air in the leadup to a move, and why some things are left to the last minute.

Fret not, your local Ashfield removalists are here to help and provide you with a few simple and easy methods of prepping your home or office for the big day that will make everyone’s life a little less stressful. As you already know, we provide peace of mind in getting your life from A to B, we take care of the quality removals and all the heavy lifting (along with a range of other services to make your life easier).

Keep the following in mind as you begin your journey into a new location. And don’t worry, we’re always here to help or answer any prevailing questions you have about our premium removal services or the following steps you can take in preparation.

Box Up Appropriately

One of the more prevailing errors we see as premium removalists is the number of times a box or transportation has not been packed properly which has caused no end of headache for clients wanting a smoother experience. If you’re taking on the packing yourself, we’d heartily suggest using top quality boxes and using smaller boxes for heavier items. Also ensure you have quality padding materials (bubble wrap, moving towels etc.) to reduce the risk of breakages.

Luckily for you – your local premium removalists are able to provide all the packing materials you can ever need, and we get it to you before the day you head off so that you have as much time as possible to get everything prepared and packed.

We don’t just provide quality removals services; we can always pack for you as well!

Start Early

Timing is absolutely key in ensuring a smooth and overall clean experience for simple removals. As such, we’d definitely suggest getting a head start on the little things earlier on. Packing up rooms that aren’t used everyday has saved more time than we can even begin to mention. If there are particular items that you wish to move yourself, it may serve you well to gain access to your new property ahead of time and drop it off at your convenience.

Label Everything

If you’re packing, make sure you label everything you can. Blank boxes will be the bane of your unpacking, especially if there are electronics and specific cables that shouldn’t be lost in translation. It only takes a sharpie pen and a few stickers to make all the difference in your move.

Alert Your Utilities

Something that we’ve found a lot of people forget is transferring/cancelling the existing utilities in the property. Electricity, insurance, phones, internet, water, and gas all have their own procedures for changing and cancelling so it would be wise to consider giving them all a date of departure to make the whole transition seamless.

Let Your Ashfield Removalists Take Care Of The Rest

On the big day, your premium removalists will arrive and start the heavy lifting – if you’ve already finished packing and prepared accordingly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly the hard yards get completed. We cover a range of areas and will always go the extra mile to ensure your home or office is moved with utmost care and consideration.

Book Your Quality Removalist Today

We’re ready and waiting to answer your questions and get the job done right. Feel free to give us a call on (02) 9825 1984 or get an online quote here.

To make things even easier we’ve compiled this easy-to-follow checklist for moving that can be downloaded here!

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